1. Hiking Alone

Pros & Cons of Hiking Alone.

This question has always been brought up (Mainly among woman).  Should woman hike by themselves?  What i receive from woman is, Bad circumstances can occur on a hike.  I personally think it is Awesome & wonderful hiking alone as long as you have some sense of the outdoors, understanding the weather patterns in your state.  Knowing when the summer storms come & when day light ends.  Most of the time I have always hiked with people.  It is hard to find people to go hiking with, this why I created www.woameet.com  The website was designed for this very purpose!

From the blogs & stories I have read.  Woman pose a fear from, I hate to say it, but men acting unruly.  My first thought of hiking alone is Not getting attacked or even death but an animal such as a bear, mountain lion or even a wolf.  Hikers & backpackers biggest threat are, can you guess?  Here they are… They are the silent killers in the wilderness.  Are you ready?  Hypothermia & thirst (No water).  Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature drops below 95° or (35) C.  When your body looses heat faster then it can produce heat.  Your body will begin too shiver so it can create heat.  Water.  Did you know that you can only Live (3) days without water & 3 weeks without food.  You have to consider that the body is made up of (60) % of water, the earth is covered of 70% water. The second day W/O water comes, dehydration & eventually death.  This is a whole new different topic.  We will delve more into this on a another blog so stay tuned…  Back to our main topic of the day.

So, you tell me what is the biggest threat to (Hiking Alone)?  A man or an animal?  I haven’t even gotten to becoming lost, No water or food…  In my honest opinion is too, head out on a trail you know or do not.  Learn the trail.  Start early in the morning, bring a friend if you can.  Jump online & learn about the area as well.  Learn how to use a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system.  Bring a Topo (topographical) map.  Tell somebody where you are going.  Now with Social Media, it has become much easier to inform somebody where you are.

My Opinion

Learn how to utilize a compass.  I will make a video & post it on what to pack for your day hike & eventually I will make a shelter when I go on my Backpacking trip.  Learn how to make a good short term shelter.  Make sure you know how to use the GPS, bring a supply of batteries.  Take a survival course.  Again, that is a whole New Blog in it self.  I am looking into the Garmin GPS model (GPSmap 64st).  Look into this model.  Head to a local sporting goods store for more information & pricing on it.  

Your biggest tool that you will need hiking alone is a Notebook, pen, camera or video camera.  Record all of your tracks then share them on Social Media for people to view.  Most but Not least is too have fun!  Yes, there are people who become lost, get off track, don’t bring the right supplies.  Not prepared.  All of these incidents can & should be avoided!  With the vast knowledge & know how out there, People should Not become lost & die.

I hope you have enjoyed our blog.  Stay tune & Join www.woameet.com for more.  We will discuss everything about the outdoors & eventually gear too.

Thank you!



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