My First Rafting Trip

Good evening my adventure friends.

I just returned from a white river rafting today at the Royal Gorge.  I had a blast!  I was recording the whole time.  The total time was around 2 hrs, maybe a little less.

The water was super high!  The company cut off the actual Gorge part due to it being unsafe & extremely dangerous!  We still had fun & a blast! 

I spoke to them about a group.  We get a discount for 12 or more people.  I am uploading the video to our YouTube channel today.  I will send out an email once it has uploaded & edited.

I would like to take everyone on this trip.  This was my first rafting trip ever & I have lived here since 1992.  I have done plenty of outdoor sports including hunting but never rafting.  There is a helicopter ride that is offered by a company next door.  The company evens offers a Zip Line tour.  There is a Zip Line in Castle Rock.  This is a 2hr drive from Parker so if we are scheduling a trip at 9 A.M. then we need to leave at 6:00 A.M. to arrive & check in at 8: A.M.


My friend & I arrived at the company at 8:00 A.M.  We both checked in then rented out our equipment (which is Free).    Our guides briefed us on the trip & safety measures ext… 

We then took off on buses to the rafting spots.  One of the guides spoke to us about safety & some history about the river then told us the Gorge was shut down due to high waves & danger.

We arrived at our first drop off.  Everybody got out of the bus & was matched up with the guides. Our guide informed us on what to do as to lean into the raft so we do not capsize & showed us how to paddle ext…   We started to proceed down the river.  The river does not get that rough until the 2nd stop.  That is when it becomes extremely treacherous!  I almost fell out at the beginning on the first rapids, I wasn’t adjusted correctly.

The first ride was short with minor rapids.  This was just a prelude for what was about to come. 

Second drop off (The fun begins!)  Yahoooooo!)

Note:  there are about 2 to 3 kayakers who are rescuers if you fall out.  They can reach you faster than the big boats can.  Thank God!

I adjusted my Go Pro, turned it on then we continued down the river.  This was when I was holding on to dear life!  This was my first rafting trip.  From there, we hit rapids after rapids!  It was fun & did enjoy it!  I almost fell out twice.  The rapids have names based on the way the water runs.  The one big rapid where people do fall out & the boat capsizes is called Kamikaze.  (2) People did fall out but they were rescued by a boat & a kayaker.  No, the boat did Not capsize, thank goodness!

After the last big rapid we approached the shore line & headed back on the bus & returned to the base.

All of this is on my Go Pro.  This will be uploaded today.

I will host another trip in July & August.  There are (2) rivers.  One is high water (Royal Gorge & the other one is very calm water Bighorn (low tides).  I recommend this one if you have small kids & would just like the experience of what it’s like. 

I hope you enjoyed my story.  The real story is on the video.

Thank you & take care!

I will post the video on our “Outdoor Chronicles” page for the public & our YouTube sharing program that we have on our website.  You will be able to comment on both pages if you are logged in.


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