Single & the Outdoors

The good & maybe lonely @ times.

Thank you everybody for coming to my blog today.  Today, we will discuss what it is like enjoying what was made natural for us but Not having that significant other to share our time with.  I have just recently been experiencing this lately.  It never really dawned on me.  I always liked & wanted to trek on my own in the woods or just take a backpacking trip.  I was kind of in my own world.  Lately my heart has really been changing spiritually & becoming soft.  (Why???????) LOL   I loved to just go out & be on my own.  To practice survival skills & build a shelter.  Make videos which you can find them here @

The Change

As my heart became soft & I started to open up. (Feelings….Brrrb) LOL.  I began to feel this emptiness & loneliness inside of me.  This has progressed quit big lately too.  I love the survival movies from zombies to the apocalypse.  I always imagined my self by myself trying to survive or how I would do such a thing with little resources that I have & an unknown amount of time that was given to me.  I have all of the gear as too packs, knives, guns, ammo ext…  Then I woke up!  (That is Not reality!)  Only in the movies.  

We need people.  We need Love & affection.  We need courtship.  What a life that would be to live like that.  I did have fun in my single years & was Not really looking for anybody.  I am 45 now it has been changing when I was 44.   I started this company January 2018.  I would love to find somebody who Loves what I do as well so I can enjoy nature with her.  I really started thinking about this lately.  I was saying to myself.  (I really have nobody to explore this world with so I can scout areas out for my members).  

My Thoughts on this.

I Love exploring Colorado with my friends but it’s Not the same.  

When I go to the mountains, wether it’s in the woods or a mountain town or an activity.  I always come across single men & woman.  I have noticed that a lot here.  Is that bad?  No!  There are many advantages on enjoying nature on your own or backpacking to a foreign country.

1.) You are your own boss.  2.) You can do whatever you want too.  3.) Make your own plans, 4.) stay a longer day, 5.)stop when you want if your tired.  You have total & complete freedom vs a group or a partner.

There are a lot of couples on the trails & who backpack too.  There is a part of me that I wish I can spend a nice 3 days with somebody.  What I have experienced with all of these needs & wants is, when I get outdoors, these feelings are suppressed or they don’t bother me as much.  Everything leaves my mind when I am in the woods by myself.  There is a spiritual awakening that I receive.  Nature just gives that too you!  The smell of the forest, trees, lake ext… The campfire, the food cooking.  I am so occupied outdoors that I do Not have time to become down or depressed!  I am busy setting up camp, practicing my shelter building techniques, fishing for my dinner & making videos & preparing my next blog to write.  Introverts do not have this problem for they are in a haven of there own.

The outdoors is my Oasis away from my inner feelings & problems.  The loneliness leaves & my heart becomes fulfilled.  Maybe it’s the burden of Life that makes me feel worse then I am!  Ya, It would be nice if I had a nice woman to get cozy up with by the camp fire or to chat with.  There are outdoor groups that will lead you deep into the forest but those companies charge a lot.  I did check into it.  Approximately 0.00 or more for about 4 days.  They do cater to you with food & cook it as well.

So there are Pros & cons to being single & enjoying the outdoors.  I just want to get out wether I am single or Not!  I did let it get me down for a while but I am snapping out of it.  I want to explore Colorado then take my members where I go too.  I am so busy making videos & taking pictures.  Loneliness does Not have time to set in.  

I am looking at getting a dog as my companion soon.  I am looking at a Lab, Alaskan Sheppard or something like that.  

The Outcome

As I accept my circumstance, this does Not mean that I can’t & will Not enjoy my time anywhere that I go.  I am robbing myself from Freedom & Joy!  I have made my mistakes to cause me to be single & I accept them wholeheartedly!  When I go Backpacking, I will take my time & explore All that I can & share my experiences with others.  I encourage everybody reading this to think about this if you are single & Love the outdoors.  Maybe that special somebody will come while I am hiking.  I might go Backpacking on my own sometime & this awesome woman is doing the same & we meet then a shooting star will shoot across like the movies.

Enjoy Your Life!

I am moving on.  I have accepted my circumstance & they do change & have!  I just have to be myself & show people what I love.  I’ll keep learning & keep living as long as my body allows me to do so.  I do Not want to be that old man when I am 75 saying (If I only meet that perfect somebody.  Then I could have enjoyed Nature.)  I have gone on trips with lots of people & it always seems. (Somebody wants to play God!)  I was on a schedule, a time.  It was Not fun!  If unless you can find a group of people who want to be Free then you might be better off on your own!  I haven’t mentioned yet, if you don’t get along with your partner or wife.  That would be a dramatic 3 days in the woods!  You’ll wake up in the freezing rain! (men) LOL   So…There are the ups & downs to this.

When members go on trips with my company, We can All do what we want.  I will just lead you to the trail, set up camp, gather fire wood then your on your own for 3 whole exciting days with Nature!

Anyways…I hope you have enjoyed this blog.  This is my personal experience & expression on this matter.

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Thank you!



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