Wild Outdoor Adventures (WOA) is a social outdoor activity group based in beautiful Colorado and comprised of members who love the outdoors and desire to participate in adventures with like-minded people.

We welcome and include all individuals – single, married, families, pet owners – of all skill levels to participate. Anyone who enjoys any specific sports and activities is invited to create and lead groups in the WOA community.

What is our WOA goal?

Our world is busy and we’re often so plugged into our phones, laptops, jobs and social media that we miss opportunities to connect in person and engage in our favorite outdoor activities together in this beautiful outdoor world where we live.

Our goal and intention is to support outdoor enthusiasts to get out and live their dreams and to establish varied outdoor interest groups in every U.S. state (and internationally) so members will become adventure organizers and create fulfilling outdoor adventures for our entire community.

How does WOA work?


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